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Gardens that Heal

Gardens that Heal


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Recording Date: 14 May, 2019
Recording Location: Hamilton, Ontario
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Dawn on Hattie Creek and White River

Program Title: Gardens that Heal
Description: This episode of Harrowsmith Radio is all about the gardens and their value to our minds, bodies, spirits and communities.

1.) First up, Wayne MacPhail speaks with Mitchell Hewson, a veteran horticultural therapist who use the growth, resilience and hope of renewal gardens offer as a balm on the troubled minds and bodies of those in need of rebirth.

2.) Next, he talks to Heather Phaneuf, who fills us in on how to start a community garden in a lot near you.

Host(s): Wayne MacPhail
Featured Speakers/Guests: 1.) Mitchell Hewson - Horticultural Therapy is used as a treatment tool to develop a relationship with clients to improve their cognitive, social, behavioural and spiritual well being. At institutions like the Homewood Health Centre in Guelph, Ontario, it encourage clients to engage in the natural world. Mitchell Hewson started the horticultural therapy program at Homewood. Now retired, he continues to teach his discipline online to students around the world. He encourages his students to help their clients think about new ways of life and self-care, offer them rehabilitation and acquire new skills, a sense of dignity and hope. 2.) Heather Phaneuf - But, sometimes gardens can not only heal individuals, they can also improve the health of a whole community. Harrowsmith magazine contributor Heather Phaneuf discovered that as you researched community gardens for the Spring 2019 issue of the magazine. She offers some advice about how and why you should start a community garden. And, how you can be a good garden citizen should you plant your seeds in shared soil.

Credits: Yolanda Thornton, Publisher, Harrowsmith Magazine
Wayne MacPhail - Producer, Host
Victoria Fenner - Community Radio Distribution


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