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COVID Alert: Canada’s incoming contact-tracing app

COVID Alert: Canada’s incoming contact-tracing app


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Recording Date: 21 Jun, 2020
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Program Title: COVID Alert: Canada’s incoming contact-tracing app
Description: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau wants you to download an app. It’s called “COVID Alert” and it is a new voluntary contact tracing app that will be available for download in just a few weeks. The app will first be tested in Ontario, before rolling out to the rest of the country. A lot of people are welcoming the app as a powerful tool to stop new coronavirus outbreaks. But it’s still too early to tell how many Canadians will be willing to sign-up to share their personal health information. Especially since companies like Google, Apple, BlackBerry and volunteers from Shopify were all involved in some way with its creation. Today, infectious disease specialist Dr. Isaac Bogoch talks about what a contact tracing app means for Canada and shares his thoughts on privacy concerns.

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