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(John Semple)

The Big Rock

Keeping the rock of the 70s 80s & 90s alive, more than just classic rock!

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Uploaded: 18 Jul, 2020

Recording Date: 16 Jul, 2020
Recording Location: Erie, PA
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Language: English
Topical for: 1 Year
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Program Title: The Big Rock
Description: The BIG ROCK is a four hour classic rock radio show hosted by Johnny J. The show primarily focuses on the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s as well as some music from the 60’s and current songs from our core artists. The BIG ROCK music library consists of Foreigner, The Ramones, Def Leppard, The Who, Pearl Jam, Van Halen, Stone Temple Pilots, Fleetwood Mac, The Go Go’s, Iron Maiden, Sheryl Crow and so much more. We also feature rocking songs by artists that may not normally fit this genre such as Tina Turner, Shaun Cassidy, Janet Jackson, Cher and Michael Bolton. On top of that, we play obscure artists not normally heard on the radio like Suzi Quatro, Utopia, Tin Machine, Orion The Hunter, New England and RTZ. We even play lesser known artists that have music just as great including, Toronto, Friction, The Ravyns, The Shoes and Lee Aaron.

On The BIG ROCK It's all rock & roll - mainstream, hard, progressive, punk, southern, glam, heartland, metal or alternative. The British Invasion, Hollywood Strip, Grunge Movement, New Wave of British Heavy Metal, Power just doesn't matter...if it rocks...we are playing it.

The BIG ROCK has a music library that consists of over 7000 songs by more than 500 different artists and bands. New songs are added to The BIG ROCK music library on a regular basis. Our library includes specialty and seasonal songs.

Host(s): John Semple as Johnny J
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Arts and Culture
Type: Weekly Program

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