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#6 Triple Threat: Feminist, Fifty-ish & Fabulous

Straight Up, Independent & Assertive

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"In Alaska, I literally had to take a *shit* in a bucket" 13:21 minutes in.

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Uploaded: 31 Jul, 2020

Recording Date: 11 Dec, 2019
Recording Location: Burnaby, BC
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Program Title: #6 Triple Threat: Feminist, Fifty-ish & Fabulous
Description: Triple Threat: Feminist, Fifty-ish & Fabulous explores the experiences of women 50+ with a goal of shifting the narrative of what it means to age.

Host(s): robin eriksson
Featured Speakers/Guests: In conversation with photographer and arts-based researcher Christine Germano.

Credits: imagination dragons "believer" - evolver
pink "perfect" - greatest hits... so far!


Environment > Climate Change
Politics > Feminism
Health > Aging
Society and Culture > Women
Type: Interview

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