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Episode 177 - Queer Media At A Distance

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Length: 0:58:50
Uploaded: 18 Aug, 2020

Recording Date: 14 Aug, 2020
Recording Location: Ottawa, Ontario
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Language: English
Topical for: 2 Weeks
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Program Title: Episode 177 - Queer Media At A Distance
Description: Luke Smith and Sebastien discuss Queer Media with guest Heather Kitching

Host(s): Luke Smith, Sebastien Plante
Featured Speakers/Guests: Heather Kitching, from CBC Thunder Bay



Society and Culture > Sexuality
Type: Actuality

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Comments: The title is a double entendre for discussing the issue from a bird's eye view and also talking about it in the context of social distancing. Get it? I made a pun! Not a good one, but I did do one and it's better than your bad pun.

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