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What it’s like being a performer during a pandemic

What it’s like being a performer during a pandemic


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Uploaded: 25 Aug, 2020

Recording Date: 24 Aug, 2020
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Program Title: What it’s like being a performer during a pandemic
Description: Over the weekend, German researchers held a concert with over 1500 music fans to study how COVID-19 could spread at big indoor events. Here in Canada, provinces are still capping numbers at indoor shows and many venues are staying closed. Some have permanently shut down. This has been a huge challenge for musicians, and performing artists more widely.

Today on Front Burner, we convene a panel with two Canadians who work in the arts, and depend on live audiences for their livelihoods. Miranda Mulholland is a Juno-nominated fiddler and singer, label owner, and a musician’s rights advocate. Nour Hadidi is a professional stand-up comedian who has written for This Hour Has 22 Minutes.

Host(s): Jaime Poisson
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