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Will a fix for racial bias on jury trials backfire?

Will a fix for racial bias on jury trials backfire?


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Program Title: Will a fix for racial bias on jury trials backfire?
Description: In 2018, the public outcry around the Gerald Stanley case, where a white farmer was acquitted in the killing of Colton Boushie, a young Indigenous man, paved the way for the creation of Bill C-75. It’s a legislation that’s meant to address racism in the jury selection process in Canada. But some take issue with that law, saying that it actually does the opposite of what it intends. This dispute made its way to the country’s highest court this week. And while the court upheld the law, opinions remain divided on its usefulness.

Today, we hear from two lawyers with different points of view on this jury reform legislation. Peter Thorning and Caitlyn Kasper both intervened in this week’s hearings. Peter represented the Canadian Association for Black Lawyers, and Caitlyn represented Aboriginal Legal Services.

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