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The Canadian Philosophy Show 2

The Gettier problem


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Uploaded: 27 Oct, 2020

Recording Date: 25 Oct, 2020
Recording Location: Nanaimo, BC
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Program Title: The Canadian Philosophy Show 2
Description: Tagen Marshall, Saumi, Jouska, and Michael Robert Caditz discuss the Gettier problem. Are the three traditional criteria for knowledge--viz., justified, true belief--sufficient to claim knowledge? Gettier claimed not.

Inevitably, in assessing Gettier's claim, we cannot avoid basic issues in epistemology, e.g., the criteria for justification and the ever-relevant question, "What is truth?"
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Host(s): Michael Robert Caditz
Featured Speakers/Guests: Tagen Marshall, Saumi, Jouska, and Michael Robert Caditz



Spirituality and Religion
Type: Commentary

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Comments: Tagen, Saumi, Jouska, Michael Robert Caditz -- The Gettier Problem

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