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Is American democracy broken?

Is American democracy broken?


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Uploaded: 6 Nov, 2020

Recording Date: 5 Nov, 2020
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Program Title: Is American democracy broken?
Description: It’s been an eventful week following the U.S presidential election, as we continue to await the final results. From Trump’s demands to stop the vote count, to the lawsuits contesting ballots in several states, one key theme that’s emerged is that America’s democratic system is being tested.

This is an issue that Lawrence Lessig has been studying for a long time. He’s the author of America, Compromised and They Don't Represent Us: Reclaiming Our Democracy, and the founder of Equal Citizens, a non-profit group dedicated to democratic reform. He joined host Jayme Poisson to reflect on what the 2020 election says about the state of democracy in the U.S.

Host(s): Jaime Poisson
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