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(Michael Welch)

COVID, The Great Reset, Warp Speed and the Arrival of the Darkest Winter

A conversation with Derrick Broze

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Uploaded: 26 Nov, 2020

Recording Date: 26 Nov, 2020
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Program Title: COVID, The Great Reset, Warp Speed and the Arrival of the Darkest Winter
Description: This week's program deals with the problems with the lack of consent around the 2020 US elections and how they were predicted! It also delves into uncertainty around the second and third wave, the Great Reset, Operation Warp Speed, 5G and more ignored and subverted by mainstream media offered by investigative journalist, documentary producer and activist Derrick Broze. Also, we hear part of a speech by Dr Roger Hodkinson, the reputable doctor, pathologist for the Alberta Medical Examiner, and CEO of a biotech Company which manufactures COVID tests.

Host(s): Michael Welch
Featured Speakers/Guests: Derrick Broze, Dr Roger Hodkinson

Credits: Interview by Michael Welch


Regional > United States
Politics > Elections
Politics > Political Parties
Science and Technology > Medicine
Health > COVID-19
Type: Weekly Program

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