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WINGS#33-20 Radical Futures

Young Climate Feminist Leaders Talk


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Uploaded: 30 Nov, 2020

Recording Date: 30 Nov, 2020
Recording Location: New York, Toronto, and Denman Island BC
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Program Title: WINGS#33-20 Radical Futures
Description: On September 25, 2020, WEDO (the Women's Environment and Development Organization) hosted a virtual "Radical Futures Roundtable: Young Climate Feminists in Conversation." Panelists from around the world talked about how they came by their radicalism and their expertise, and about their radical visions for the future.

Host(s): Sofia Vavaroutsos
Featured Speakers/Guests: Sanam Amin is a feminist environmentalist, activist writer and researcher from Bangladesh;Maggie Mapondera, a Zimbabwean activist, is communication coordinator at WoMin African Alliance;Maria Alejandra Escalante, a climate activist from Colombia, works at FRIDA the Young Feminist Fund;Patricia Wattimena, an Indigenous woman from Haruku Island, Indonesia, works at the Asia Pacific Forum on Women, Law and Development;Frances Roberts-Gregory, from Louisiana, works on the Feminist Agenda for a Green New Deal Coalition and is a Northeastern University Faculty Fellow. Moderators for WEDO: Mara Dolan and Andrea Vega.

Credits: Audio by permission from . Producer for WINGS, Sofia Vavaroutsos. WINGS series producer, Frieda Werden.


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Comments: Panel by WEDO - produced by Sofia Vavaroutsos - series producer Frieda Werden

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