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Routes & Branches & Beyond, low-context Christmas 2020, #2

Low Context Christmas for 2020, Episode 2


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Ivan Emke/ VOBB/ CKVB


A long-time community radio enthusiast, I enjoy stations with huge diversity... stations with programs that I have to sometimes turn...

Length: 1:00:00
Uploaded: 22 Dec, 2020

Recording Date: 21 Dec, 2020
Recording Location: For Voice of Bonne Bay, Norris Point, NL
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Language: English
Topical for: Timeless
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Program Title: Routes & Branches & Beyond, low-context Christmas 2020, #2
Description: I may be off base here, but I suspect that that the three kings or wisemen or astrologers or magi or whatever they were back in the day, didn't offer gifts of Gold and Frankincense and Myrrh to the Child of the Manger, but rather gifts of Irish Jigs and Four-Part Harmony and Wild Bluegrass Played With Abandon. So, in that spirit, here is another Routes & Branches & Beyond "Low Context" Christmas Show - lots of music, not much talking. Jingle Jangle Aeroplanes, trees, rebels, smiling morns, moons, noels, bells, flambeaux and ding dongs. From folks like Rajaton, House of Doc, Leon Redbone, Brave Combo, Dordan, Kate Rusby, Jim Payne & Fergus O'Byrne, Horslips and Stompin' Tom Connors. Yes, Mr. Connors did a Christmas album - again, as always, ahead of his time. Pour out a glass of eggnog and join me.

Host(s): Ivan Emke
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