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Reichstag 2021: The Siege on Capitol Hill and the Rise of Fascism in America

Paul Craig Roberts, Barrie Zwicker and Jason Bermas comment on the January 6 event

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Program Title: Reichstag 2021: The Siege on Capitol Hill and the Rise of Fascism in America
Description: On this week's Global Research News Hour we take a closer look at the mobs descending on Capitol Hill on January 6 and realize the prospects that the incident may have been a False Flag.
First up, we hear a general explanation by commentator and former Assistant to the Treasury Paul Craig Roberts indicating the role of provocateurs and security standing down. He also speaks on the subject of voter fraud and the division of the masses goig ahead.
Next, journalist and media critic Barrie Zwicker talks on the same subject but speculating on the flaws of the right and the thought that Trump himself may have been responsible. Finally, Jason Bermas,a documentary film maker, broadcaster and journalist tells his story of what he recorded while inn the crowd as a reporter and what the stakes are for both the left and the right.

Host(s): Michael Welch
Featured Speakers/Guests: Paul Craig Roberts, Barrie Zwicker, Jason Bermas

Credits: Interviews by Michael Welch


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