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(Marc Audet)

Forgotten Memories of the Ottawa Valley

Folklore folk show with stories and songs about the Ottawa Valley

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Marc Audet

Marc Audet is a Canadian folk music singer/songwriter, active in performing in pubs, restaurants and festivals throughout the Ottawa Valley....

Length: 0:43:09
Uploaded: 6 Feb, 2021

Recording Date: 9 Jan, 2021
Recording Location: Bonnechere Valley, ON
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Language: English
Topical for: Timeless
Status: As Broadcast
Copyright: All songs were written by Marc Audet

Program Title: Forgotten Memories of the Ottawa Valley
Description: Forgotten Memories is a unique folk show that takes you on a historical musical tour of the Ottawa Valley. After an ode to early travellers of the Ottawa River, the tour takes you to the district of North Renfrew, where the heritage is celebrated with songs about depot farms, flooded villages, taken lands, frontier roads, and a prison break in Algonquin Park. The tour then traverses the Valley to Combermere (the 1912 sinking of the Mayflower), then to Baptist Church Road and Newfoundout along the Opeongo Settlement Road, and then a stop in Westmeath for a song about an antique trunk with a mysterious connection to Mt. Everest mountaineer A.C. Irvine who died in 1924 on an Everest summit quest. All true Canadian stories. Not to be forgotten.
The show is the creation of Ottawa Valley singer/songwriter Marc Audet ( Marc’s writings of historic events and past ways of life were inspired by visiting and exploring the crumbling remains of logging camps, depot farms and wagon roads located throughout the Valley. For Marc, these ruins project inspiration and they would soon be lost to the forests, if it weren’t for Marc’s effort to put these stories to song. Initial reviews of this 2 hour, 2 set show have been very favorable, revealing a keen interest in historical songwriting.

Host(s): Marc Audet
Featured Speakers/Guests: Marc Audet, singer/songwriter

Credits: All songs were narrated, written and recorded by Marc Audet

Comments: Marc Audet would be available for phone-in radio interview to augment the radio show.

Arts and Culture
Society and Culture
Type: Interview

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