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Routes & Branches & Beyond, show # 173

Love and all that, part 1


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Ivan Emke/ VOBB/ CKVB


A long-time community radio enthusiast, I enjoy stations with huge diversity... stations with programs that I have to sometimes turn...

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Uploaded: 11 Feb, 2021

Recording Date: 11 Feb, 2021
Recording Location: For Voice of Bonne Bay, Norris Point, NL
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Language: English
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Program Title: Routes & Branches & Beyond, show # 173
Description: This week's romp on "Routes & Branches & Beyond" takes us to one of the finest places of the human soul with a show called "Love and all that." Sure, it is around the time of year when our capitalist overlords urge us to increase their profits by telling us that the only way to show someone you love them is to buy them stuff that is sold with a stiff markup. But you are smarter than that, right? Any time of the year is a good time to sing about love. Love of divers types - glorious, solid like the rock of ages, peculiar, stand-offish, both requited and unrequited, en francais, sometimes sad, oft with excess, everlasting. I play Finnish folk, appalachian mountain longbow, bluegrass indie, Cajun gumbo, rowdy folk, high lonesome nasal arias, Afro-Irish fusion, and old-time down-home cowboy rumba. From artists like Enkel, Mr. Rick & the Biscuits, Red Knuckles & the Trailblazers, Beausoleil, Ned Sublette, We Banjo 3, Evie Ladin, Morrigan, the BelleRegards and the Yonder Mountain String Band. I'd love it if you could join me.

Host(s): Ivan Emke
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