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Why the Golden Globes shady reputation persists

Why the Golden Globes shady reputation persists


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Program Title: Why the Golden Globes shady reputation persists
Description: On Sunday, Hollywood will celebrate the 78th annual Golden Globe awards. The event is considered influential, even as it is dogged by persistent jokes that it’s out-of-touch, and even corrupt. When this year’s nominations were announced, many were puzzled that the fluffy Netflix series Emily In Paris received two nods, while the critically acclaimed I May Destroy You was shut out.

This week, a sprawling Los Angeles Times investigation revealed that some thirty members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, who put on the awards, were set up in a luxury hotel and treated like “kings and queens” in a visit to the set of the Netflix series Emily In Paris.

Today, the two journalists behind that investigation, Josh Rottenberg and Stacy Perman, explain Golden Globes, the secretive small body behind them, and why the event’s “less than savoury” reputation persists.

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