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(Michael Welch)

The Ides of March: Ten Years of Bloodshed in Syria

Elaborating on myths and realities with Steven Sahiounie, Gareth Porter and Vanessa Beeley

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Uploaded: 11 Mar, 2021

Recording Date: 11 Mar, 2021
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Program Title: The Ides of March: Ten Years of Bloodshed in Syria
Description: This week on the Global Research News Hour we feature a special documentary retrospective on the Syrian civil war which was in fact a foreign fueled insurgency, outlining the state of the players on the opposition side, including the US, and a review of the many facets that distinguishes this US war from previous military incursions. The voices include Syrian journalist and commentator Steven Sahiounie, independent journalist and historian Gareth Porter, and Syrian based Western journalist Vanessa Beeley.

Host(s): Michael Welch
Featured Speakers/Guests: Vanessa Beeley, Steven Sahiounie, Gareth Porter

Credits: interviews by Michael Welch


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Regional > Middle East
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