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Benjamin Britten's Peter Grimes


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Length: 1:58:36
Uploaded: 28 Mar, 2021

Recording Date: 28 Mar, 2021
Recording Location: CFRC 101.9 FM
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Program Title: Flat Baroque: High Brow Radio by Low Brow Folks
Description: In this episode, we’re listening to the 20th century tragic opera Peter Grimes written by Benjamin Britten with a libretto written by Montague Slater adapted from the poem Peter Grimes found in George Crabbe’s novel, The Borough. Peter Grimes first premiered in 1945 at Sadler’s Wells in London.

Set in a Suffolk coastal village in the mid 19th century, Benjamin Britten’s opera paints a vivid picture of a small fishing community’s descent into suspicion, gossip and mob mentality after Peter Grime’s apprentice died at sea. Was there a crime and was Peter Grimes involved?
Unfortunately for Grimes, the Townspeople’s mistrust towards him grows and he spirals into despair with devastating consequences.

The performance of Peter Grimes we’ll listen to today was performed by the Orchestra and Chorus of the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden at Walthamstow Assembly Hall in 1958. Conducted by Benajamin Britten, this performance stars Sir Peter Pears as the title character, Claire Watson, Geraint Evans, Owen Brannigan, James Pease David Kelley, jean Watson and more. The cast of characters includes Peter Grimes, a fisherman, Ellen Orford, a widow and Borough schoolmistress, Aunti, landlady at the Boar, 2 nieces, Balstrode, a retired merchant skipper, Mrs. Sedly, a widow, Swallow, a lawyer and coroner, Ned Keene, an apothecary quack, Bob Bols, a religious fisherman, Reverance Horace Adams, Hobson a carrier and John, Grime’s apprentice in a silent role.

Host(s): Dinah Jansen
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