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Fed up: Your pandemic breaking points

Fed up: Your pandemic breaking points


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Uploaded: 15 Apr, 2021

Recording Date: 14 Apr, 2021
Recording Location: Toronto
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Program Title: Fed up: Your pandemic breaking points
Description: Many Canadians' lives are being stretched really thin in this third wave of the coronavirus pandemic — it can be hard not to buckle under the strain and fatigue. In this episode, Front Burner checked in with people across the country to see how Canadians are holding up, and what's keeping them going.

Your stories ran the gamut. Sure, there were random bouts of crying in cars and under duvets. But there were also powerful moments of empathy — like the high school students who told their teacher it was time for her to take a break. And there were stories of perseverance — like an Arctic mayor who drew on his past to help his hamlet through a severe outbreak.

Here's what you had to say when we passed you the mic.

Host(s): Jaime Poisson
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