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The debate over vaccine passports is here

The debate over vaccine passports is here


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Program Title: The debate over vaccine passports is here
Description: This week, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau confirmed that the federal government is part of ongoing international talks about vaccine certification. Canada’s not the only country working on a plan to jumpstart international travel with vaccine passports; some sort of system to validate if a citizen has been immunized against COVID-19 or has had a recent negative test result. Overseas, the European Union is betting on what they’re calling a digital green certificate to eventually bring the tourism industry back to life. But while it may sound promising, a Canadian vaccine passport poses massive logistical and ethical questions and there’s growing debate about what certification could mean domestically across the country. Marie-Danielle Smith is a Maclean’s writer in Ottawa who has been following this story. Today she joins CBC Montreal reporter and Front Burner guest host Antoni Nerestant to explain the latest.

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