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(Nicholas Cooper)

The Sentinel's Marvellous Kaleidoscope - Show 204: The Guardian's Birth Celebration - 06/14/2021

Looking inward and beyond at progressive, fusion and alternative sonic styles, near and far...


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Nicholas Cooper


Creator, host, programmer and guardian overseer of The Sentinel's Marvellous Kaleidoscope, home at CFRU 93.3 FM in Guelph, Ontario, and...

Length: 1:56:31
Uploaded: 14 Jun, 2021

Recording Date: 14 Jun, 2021
Recording Location: CFRU 93.3 FM in Guelph, Ontario
Logsheet: logsheet_253389.pdf
Language: English
Topical for: Timeless
Status: Complete, Ready to Air

Program Title: The Sentinel's Marvellous Kaleidoscope - Show 204: The Guardian's Birth Celebration - 06/14/2021
Description: Full Show Title: The Guardian's Birth Celebration ... Belated

Birthday celebration broadcast for the wonderful guardian overseer/host Nicholas | 2-Hour music radio program | pre-recorded broadcast

Audible Observations (Playlist):
MOTHER TONGUES: Eternity from Everything You Wanted (EP) [2020 / Buzz Records]
Waxlimbs: The Stone Inside - Single [2021 / Plutoid]
Renard Blanc: Vitriol from Béryllium EP (2020 / Folivora Records)
Del Stephen: Balloon and flower - Good Spirit Inner Station from Good Spirit Inner Station [2021 / self-release]
Christine Ott: Horizons Fauves from Time to Die [2021 / Gizeh Records]
Cedric Noel: Onliest Bloom from Patterning [2020 / self-release]
Ana Roxanne: - - - from Because of a Flower [2020 / Kranky Records]
Shebad: Stop Moving - Single [2021 / self-release]

White Moth Black Butterfly: Soma from The Cost of Dreaming [2021 / Kscope]
Kitzl: Inertia from freeze??flight???fight??? [2020 / self-release]
Thanya Iyer: I Just Lay down my Head from KIND [2020 / Topshelf Records]
Melanie Durrant: One In A Million from Where I’m At [2021 / self-release]
Aieysha Haws: Zodiac Signs - Single [2021 / self-release]
Zacarias: Zodiac from KaiZen [2021 / Maple Sun Records]
A Formal Horse: I’m A Lasagne from Meat Mallet [TO-BE-RELEASED 2021 / self-release]
Lunatic Soul: Hylophobia from Through Shaded Woods [2020 / Kscope]
Xinxin: Star Spell from Xinxin [2020 / Preference Records]
Clariloops: Warmth from Sun/Rain [2021 / self-release]
Golden Retriever and Chuck Johnson: Lupine from Rain Shadow [2020 / Thrill Jockey Records]
Stephanie Hayward: Day Breaks - In The Morning from Dawn (EP) [2021 / self-release]

Host(s): Nicholas Cooper
Featured Speakers/Guests: n / a



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