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(Michael Welch)

The Assassinations Part 1: Robert F. Kennedy

An investigation featuring James DiEugenio


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Recording Date: 8 Jul, 2021
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Program Title: The Assassinations Part 1: Robert F. Kennedy
Description: This week’s instalment of the Global Research News Hour focuses on the last of four assassination deaths: Robert F. Kennedy. Not only is it the most visibly provable crime committed by someone other than Sirhan Sirhan, but the individual in question is facing a parole hearing at the end of August 2021.

The investigator who will be playing a role directing us through the 60s assassinations is a remarkable chronicler of every single one of these cases. He has even been referred to as the guru of the probers into the assassinations. His name is James DiEugenio.

Host(s): Michael Welch
Featured Speakers/Guests: James DiEugenio

Credits: Interview by Michael Welch


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