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Routes & Branches & Beyond, show # 194

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Ivan Emke/ VOBB/ CKVB


A long-time community radio enthusiast, I enjoy stations with huge diversity... stations with programs that I have to sometimes turn...

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Uploaded: 8 Jul, 2021

Recording Date: 8 Jul, 2021
Recording Location: For Voice of Bonne Bay, Norris Point, NL
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Program Title: Routes & Branches & Beyond, show # 194
Description: This week on "Routes & Branches & Beyond" I have another set of the music of humans - captured live in concert. There are reggae standards done with hip hop flamenco sensibility, mournful Irish slides, Finno-Ugric warnings about choosing a wise husband, Algerian funk, Scottish tunes dragged (screaming) out of an electric guitar, and a classic from a singer who has written more than 100 pop hits. In addition to enjoying the music, you can use the show to get ready for "real" concerts - practice clapping in time, shouting insightful tidbits of encouragement and whistling through a mask. Join me.

Host(s): Ivan Emke
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