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Latin Waves interviews Jorge Martin Secretariat of Hands of Venezuela

Biden refuses to remove Trumps additional sanctions on CUBA further punishing ordinary Cubans


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Recording Date: 16 Jul, 2021
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Program Title: Latin Waves interviews Jorge Martin Secretariat of Hands of Venezuela
Description: Latin waves host Sylvia Richardson speaks with Jorge Martin secretariat of Hands off Venezuela about Cuba. The UN has declared the USA's blockade of Cuba illegal 29 times the last vote on June 23 with 182 countries voting against the blockade and only two in support the USA and Israel. Jorge explains how the instead of removing the blockade the USA has increased sanctions and the compounded the impact of loss of income from tourism due to Pandemic travel restrictions.

Host(s): Stuart and Sylvia Richardson
Featured Speakers/Guests: Jorge Martin

Credits: Stuart and Sylvia Richardson,
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