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WINGS #20-21 Model Marriages

Legacies from folk tales


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Recording Date: 29 Aug, 2021
Recording Location: Durham, North Carolina, USA; Denman Island BC Canada
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Program Title: WINGS #20-21 Model Marriages
Description: Lenora Ucko spoke about her book Endangered Spouses: The Legacy of Marital Inequality, which compares folk tale models of power dynamics in marriage from different cultures - patriarchal, egalitarian, and mixed.

Host(s): Frieda Werden
Featured Speakers/Guests: Lenora Greenbaum Ucko, PhD (1921-2018) also founded a therapeutic organization that used folktales to enable discussion of personal trauma. Her 2016 book, The Magic of Storytelling: A StoriesWork Saga, details that process.

Credits: Interview, editing and update by Frieda Werden.


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Comments: Dr. Lenora Greenbaum Ucko interviewed by Frieda Werden

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