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Fit to Eat Season 2 Episode 20

Andy Wright at the Farmer's Market


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Program Title: Fit to Eat Season 2 Episode 20
Description: It is the time of the year when farmer’s markets, in my hemisphere, are entering that euphoric phase of the year – the time when the fruits of earlier labours are quite obvious on vines and fields and stalks, when folks are delighting in your products, and when the end of the unrelenting labour of the past is at least vaguely in sight. It’s kind of like the time of life when parents are just about to launch their kids into the world, fully prepared and highly celebrated. And when the upcoming decrease in labour is still just a sweet yearning.

Well, maybe you think that that metaphor is not entirely accurate. But ask someone who runs a farmer’s market. Or ask a parent. Or, better yet, ask someone who is both at the same time.

Today on "Fit to Eat" I talk with Andy Wright. He has been around agriculture all of his life, growing up surrounded by dairy cattle and fruit orchards. After various fits of higher education, he took some time to be a United Church Minister, a job that requires skill with humans and the ability to respond to ambiguity and despair with hope and resilience. Then for a spell he even worked within the government agricultural bureaucracy, a position that requires rather similar skills to that of the clergy. But now he helps to run Wright’s Family Farm in Pasadena. No, not the California Pasadena. The one with the better weather! The one on the west coast of the Island of Newfoundland. Join us.

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