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NewFound Records - 636 - Omar Blondahl

Vinyl records by Newfoundland & Labrador's pioneer recording artists.


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Length: 0:55:00
Uploaded: 10 Sep, 2021

Recording Date: 10 Sep, 2021
Recording Location: CHMR-FM, St. John's, NL
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Language: English
Topical for: Timeless
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Program Title: NewFound Records - 636 - Omar Blondahl
Description: This episode features Omar Blondahl, a Come-From-Awayer who, in the 1950s, became fascinated with the largely unrecorded folk songs of Newfoundland, and became famous for popularizing them.

(Encore of Ep. 344. Originally aired February 6, 2016)

Host(s): Wayne Tucker
Featured Speakers/Guests:

Credits: 1. OMAR BLONDAHL: The Half Door
2. OMAR BLONDAHL: When Paddy McGinty Plays the Harp
3. OMAR BLONDAHL: Harbour Le Cou
4. BURL IVES: Killigrew’s Soiree
5. OMAR BLONDAHL: The Moonshine Can
6. OMAR BLONDAHL: Concerning Charile Horse
7. OMAR BLONDAHL: Concerning The Return of Charlie Horse
8. OMAR BLONDAHL: Bluetail Fly
9. OMAR BLONDAHL: Ten Knots In The Devil's Tail
10. OMAR BLONDAHL: Old Polina
11. OMAR BLONDAHL: The Business of Making the Paper
12. OMAR BLONDAHL: Hard Hard Times
13. OMAR BLONDAHL: The Sealer's Song
14. OMAR BLONDAHL: Lawrence Whelan Falls In the Brine
15. OMAR BLONDAHL: Catch of the Season
16. WILF DOYLE and his Orchestra: The Moonshine Can


Regional > Canada > Newfoundland and Labrador
Arts and Culture > Music > Folk & Roots
Type: Weekly Program

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Comments: Break 1: Starts 09:11 Ends 09:35 Length 00:24 Break 2: Starts 30:18 Ends 31:14 Length 00:56. Encore of Ep. 344. Prod. & Rec. by Wayne Tucker. To air on CHMR Sep. 11, 2021. NFR Web:

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