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WINGS#52-21Model Matriarchy

The Iroquois system has lasted hundreds of years


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Program Title: WINGS#52-21Model Matriarchy
Description: Barbara Alice Mann describes the inner workings of a long-established North American matriarchal society, where women lead the arrangement of life, including festivals, collective decision-making, management of longhouses, food storage, marriages, childrearing, inheritance, rotating land use, agriculture, food storage, sharing, and gift-giving.  And war and peace.

Host(s): Frieda Werden, Bernedette Muthien
Featured Speakers/Guests: Barbara Alice Mann, Ph.D., lives, teaches, researches, and writes in Ohio, the homeland of her Seneca ancestors for the last 1,500 years.  She spoke in a virtual event titled Rematriation, held in parallel with the 2022 UN Commission on the Status of Women.  The organizer and host of the event was Bernedette Muthien, a KhoeSan indigenous scholar and activist from South Africa.  She introduced Dr. Mann

Credits: Video recording of live event, organized and hosted by Bernedette Muthien, and found here:
Editing for WINGS by Frieda Werden

Comments: Find unedited event video with all the images here:
Barbara Alice Mann has many publications.

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Comments: Barbara Alice Mann, PhD, speaking in a Zoom video series titled Rematriation, organized and introduced by Bernedette Muthien.

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