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(Frieda Werden)

WINGS #02-22 Butch Is Not a Dirty Word

Masculine women claim their stripe in the gender rainbow.


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Recording Date: 10 Apr, 2022
Recording Location: 3CR Radio, Melbourne, and Denman Island BC
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Language: English
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Program Title: WINGS #02-22 Butch Is Not a Dirty Word
Description: Women who find themselves "on the masculine side of centre" often experience disapproval, rejection, and pressures to change. Madelaine Imber and Tandiwe Aebi-Moyo talk about Butch Is Not a Dirty Word, a magazine (and now an organization) designed to admire, appreciate, and network those who live with butch identity. Various butch identities are referenced, including butches of colour and trans butch.

Host(s): Jiselle Hanna
Featured Speakers/Guests: Madelaine Imber and Tandiwe Aebi-Moyo talk about their affiliations with Butch Is Not A Dirty Word and their experiences as a Butch in relation to various communities and activities in both Australia an the US.

Credits: Interview by Jiselle Hanna, first aired on 3CR community radio, Melbourne, Australia, in the program series Accent of Women, in 2017. Adapted and updated for WINGS by series producer, Frieda Werden.

Comments: Note: both the website and the Facebook page butchisnotadirtyword have beautiful photography.

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Comments: Courtesy of Jiselle Hanna, host of Accent of Women, produced at 3CR community radio, Melbourne, Australia

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