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Fit to Eat for 19 July 2022, Ben Wiper

When Waste is Not


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Program Title: Fit to Eat for 19 July 2022, Ben Wiper
Description: What is waste? Well, that depends. If you use the word as an adjective or a noun, it may mean a material that is discarded as no longer useful, given the current levels of imagination and technology. However, as a verb, waste can mean “to use or expend carelessly.” As in, “we are wasting 60 percent of a cod fish.”

And what happens when what we thought was waste becomes a commodity, a resource for a whole new process? When we realize that the fish offal we’ve been throwing away could be a source of collagen for cosmetics and pharmaceuticals... that may change just about everything. While people talk about the circular economy, we have not yet re-jigged our policies to fit these new realities. But there are people pushing the envelope for us all. Today, we meet one of them.

Ben Wiper is the CEO of 3F Waste Recovery, which is “focused on turning waste problems in the fishery, farming and forestry industries into profitable solutions." He argues that "trash" like fish skin, moose hides, clam by-products and even pink goo are actually "treasures." Yes, even pink goo. Listen close. This is the future.

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