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Fit to Eat for 2 August 2022 David Goodyear

At the Homestead in Flat Rock


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Program Title: Fit to Eat for 2 August 2022 David Goodyear
Description: Broad social changes, including enhancements in food production, take root at the individual and household level. That is what matters in the end. Waving banners and marching and chanting slogans and wearing T-shirts and applying bumper stickers is fun and all. Trust me. But to make a social movement “stick,” it has to be something that prompts changes at the level of our daily life, in our own homes. Today we speak with one household where that has happened – a home that has become a homestead.

We have met David Goodyear before on this show. He is a physicist by training, and he applies that experimental ethos to growing food, using the power of nature’s active and passive energy. His home has become known as the “Homestead at Flat Rock,” where he lives in his passive solar house, with his earth-sheltered greenhouse, his raised beds, his root cellar, and more. Every year he continues to expand his homestead’s own food security. I talked with David on Zoom, earlier this year, in the midst of his second winter with his greenhouse. I started out by asking him what he was eating fresh - out of his greenhouse - today – it was late January at the time. Join us.

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