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(Frieda Werden)

WINGS #18-22 Agriculture Reporting in Zambia

Natasha Mhango on Climate, Food and Gender


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Recording Date: 15 Aug, 2022
Recording Location: Zambia, Kenya, and BC
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Program Title: WINGS #18-22 Agriculture Reporting in Zambia
Description: Natasha Mhango is a writer, editor and video producer for Zambia's National Agriculture Information Services, which is the media wing for Zambia's Ministries of Agriculture, Fisheries and Livestock. She also works as Knowledge Management and Communications Manager for the Enhanced Smallholder Livestock Investment Programme. She is passionate about developing print and web content on issues surrounding agriculture and climate change. In this program she speaks about her career, its challenges, and her intent to help farmers, including women farmers, maintain sustainable food production in the era of climate change. She especially praises the resilien

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Credits: Interview by Diana Wanyonyi. Series Editor/Producer, Frieda Werden.

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Comments: Zambian Agricultural Reporter Natasha M'hango, interviewed by Diana Wanyonyi

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