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[hash]StopHazaraGenocide Rally, VICTORIA BC 13-11-2022

#StopHazaraGenocide Rally held at the BC Provincial Parliament Buildings, Victoria Sun, Nov 13, 2022


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John Fitzmaurice

Member since 1986. Also listed as Producer John Carricitos.

Length: 0:42:16
Uploaded: 17 Nov, 2022

Recording Date: 13 Nov, 2022
Recording Location: Provincial Parliament Buildings, VICTORIA, British Columbia
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Language: English
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Copyright: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

Program Title: [hash]StopHazaraGenocide Rally, VICTORIA BC 13-11-2022
Description: As Dr Oppenheimer points out [11]:
"This genocide of Hazara has nothing to do with what people have done in their lives. And the way you can know that for sure, is the murder of children...

The Government of Canada recently decided that whilst they will still allow some Afghan refugees, including Hazara, to come to Canada, they're not going to pay for it anymore; they are going to depend on local people, in different parts of the country, to sponsor them financially."

The Hazara have a physically distinct appearance from other Afghans, and have been systematically marginalized and persecuted for over 140 years. The Hazara have now entered a renewed period of persecution as a result of external pressures.

The Afghan media is currently forbidden to report on the ethnicity of victims, and the Western media... has since turned our attention to other matters.

Host(s): Fatima Haidari
Featured Speakers/Guests: Organizer, Fatima Haidari; MC, Hajar Maqsodi; poetry reading, Rabia Kaihan; Reader of the official statement to the Government of Canada, Farida Mohibi; Dr Robert Oppenheimer, Child psychologist speaking on the genocide of children and his own family's experience.

Credits: Engineer: John Fitzmaurice

Comments: [Statement read prior to beginning of recording.]

My name is Fatima Haidari.

I want to acknowledge the land where we are gathering today is on the traditional territories of Lekwungen-speaking people, Songhees and Esquimalt First Nations, who have and continue to take care of the land, air, and the water.

As a community that has been impacted by forced displacement, forced immigration, it is equally important to acknowledge the displacement that happened in Victoria and across Canada.

Type: Speech/Presentation

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