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Adrian Harewood at NCRC 2006 - edit

Length: 0:26:09
Uploaded: 23 Jun, 2006

Recording Date: 10 Jun, 2006
Recording Location: Ottawa
Logsheet: none
Language: English
Topical for: Timeless
Copyright: non-profit use only, please contact if you broadcast this

Program Title: Adrian Harewood at NCRC 2006 - edit
Description: A 26-minute version of Adrian Harewood's full speech.

Featured Speakers/Guests: Adrian Harewood

Credits: Kristin Schwartz recorded and edited (CKLN

Comments: I edited this version to make the length more friendly for a half hour radio show. I mostly removed the anecdotes and stories in the last part of the speech.

Complete show notes are available in the previous entry.

Type: Speech/Presentation

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