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The Peoples Commission Comes to Ottawa

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Uploaded: 23 Jun, 2006

Recording Date: 5 Jun, 2006
Recording Location: Ottawa
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Program Title: The Peoples Commission Comes to Ottawa
Description: News report on information picket at the Prime Minister's office, followup on the Peoples Commission hearings held in April 2006, in Montreal.

Host(s): Charlie O'Connor
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Credits: Charlie O'Connor and the GroundWire crew at NCRC 2006.

Comments: The People's Commission on Immigration Security Measures was established to investigate and report on the actions of Canadian officials and government bodies in relatoin tothe Immigration and Refugee Act, and Security Certificates, and to make recommendations for appropriate legal or popular actions against Canadian officials or government bodies found responsible for abuses, and to recommend changes to the current legal and procedures frameworks governing the issues investigated. Following three days of pulic hearings held in Montreal April 21 to 23, the People's Commission travelled to Ottawa to present their report to Members of Parliament and to stage an information picket in front of the Prime Minister's office. For more information about the People's Commission, log on to:

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