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Fair Trade

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Uploaded: 10 Jul, 2006

Recording Date: 1 May, 2006
Recording Location: Toronto
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Language: English
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Program Title: Fair Trade
Description: Part 2 of the series "Building a Just World: Fair Trade, Ethical Trade and Canada"

Host(s): Asad Ismi and Kristin Schwartz
Featured Speakers/Guests: see comments

Credits: Executive Producer, Writer and Researcher: Asad Ismi

Produced by Kristin Schwartz at CKLN 88.1fm in Toronto.

Funded by:
Canadian Union of Public Employees
Canadian Union of Postal Workers
Canadian Auto Workers Union
Canadian Labour Congress
Canadian Federation of Students
Ontario English Catholic Teachers Association
Ontario Secondary School Teachers Federation Ontario Public Interest Research Group (University of Toronto)
MiningWatch Canada
Transfair Canada

Comments: Fair Trade Producers of coffee and cocoa challenge the power of multinational companies by organizing co-operatives and selling to Canadian Fair Trade buyers and consumers. With Linda Burnside, Alternative Grounds, Canada; Rufino Herrera, FEDECARES, Dominican Republic; Don Julio Tambriz Guarchaj and Don Manuel Quema Ajtzalam, Nahuala Co-operative of Small Coffee Producers, Guatemala; Don Domingo Mendoza Bizarro, La Voz Coffee Co-operative, Guatemala; Macario Arias, Maya Vinic Coffee Co-operative, Mexico; José Perez Vasquez, Las Abejas Indigenous Community, Mexico; Jan Braunholz, Kaffee Kampagne, Germany; Bama Athreya, International Labour Rights Fund, USA; Nicholas Agyei-Gyan, Kuapa Kokoo, Ghana; and Jeff de Jong, La Siembra Co-operative, Canada.

Type: Documentary

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