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First Full Day of AIDS Conference

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Uploaded: 14 Aug, 2006

Recording Date: 14 Aug, 2006
Recording Location: Toronto
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Language: English
Topical for: 2 Weeks
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Program Title: First Full Day of AIDS Conference
Description: On the first full day of the 16th Intl. AIDS Conference, the "double-Bill" (Bill Gates and Bill Clinton) drew the biggest crowd. CFRU's Chris Keefer interviews two grassroots activists about their take on the pronouncements of the rich and powerful, and what challenges they face in confronting the AIDS pandemic.

Host(s): Chris Keefer
Featured Speakers/Guests: Jose DiMarco, ACT-UP Philadephia, and Julie David, Community AIDS Mobilization Project

Credits: produced as part of the AMARC broadcast from the conference (, and uploaded by CKLN (


Type: Interview

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