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Successes and Failures of the World Social Forum - Nairobi 2007

Length: 1:22:37
Uploaded: 7 Feb, 2007

Recording Date: 30 Jan, 2007
Recording Location: Nairobi, Kenya
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Language: English
Topical for: 1 Month
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Program Title: Successes and Failures of the World Social Forum - Nairobi 2007
Description: interview with Kenya Social Forum Co-ordinator Onyango Oloo about political weaknesses and unequal decision-making power in the WSF Secretariat which resulted in controversial fees, corporate sponsorship and so on. Also his assessment of the successes of the 2007 WSF.

Host(s): Asad Ismi
Featured Speakers/Guests: Onyango Oloo, Co-ordinator of the Kenya Social Forum

Credits: CKLN 88.1fm, Toronto

Comments: In this extended interview, Onyango Oloo reflects on controversies around fees, corporate sponsorship, and catering, shedding light on the political debates and decision-making processes within the WSF Secretariat.

In part one, he discusses the presence of the high-priced restaurant operated by the Windsor Hotel within the Forum grounds. The Windsor is owned by Kenya's Interior Minister John Michuki. He describes Michuki's brutal career from colonial times to the present, within the context of Kenya's multi-layered struggle for independence.

In part 2, he discusses corporate sponsorship and high entrance fees of the WSF. He sheds light on suspect decison-making within the organizing group, and the overall political struggle between social movements and those establishment NGOs which seek to control the WSF process.

In part 3, he describes what he sees as the value of the WSF and the particular successes of the Nairobi 2007 Forum.

Onyango Oloo is a former programmer at CKLN in Toronto, and CKUT in Montreal.


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