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The Bilderbergers and World Domination!

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Uploaded: 15 Oct, 2007

Recording Date: 15 Oct, 2007
Recording Location: u of t campus Scarborough
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Program Title: The Bilderbergers and World Domination!
Description: Join host James Haarp of when he converses with the intelligence gatherer ''The George '' about the world dominations forces at work The Bilderbergers''!

Host(s): James Haarp,The George
Featured Speakers/Guests: James haarp of and the george

Credits: James Haarp

Comments: The Bilderbergers;;Secret Society controlling our money, media, and natural resources are they controlling you?

Society and Culture
Type: Interview

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Comments: Are the Bilderbergers the controlling society behind our government. Join host James Haarp of www.fu

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