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(Alex Smith)

What A Way to Go! Radio Ecoshock Show 071208

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Uploaded: 10 Dec, 2007

Recording Date: 8 Dec, 2007
Recording Location: Vancouver
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Program Title: What A Way to Go! Radio Ecoshock Show 071208
Description: Syndicated weekly all environment program "Radio Ecoshock" originating from CFRO FM Vancouver. This week: interview with makers of film "What A Way to Go, Life at the End of Empire" (Peak Oil, Climate change, the whole mess); Plus author Jim Harding on Canada's Deadly Secret (uranium for the world) 1 hour. No station IDs. Insert your own over music bed at 29:45, or 17 min or 55 min. Two complete half hour shows (can be run separately). Cut into end music if you need more time for announcements. Or just burn it and play it - ready to go.

Host(s): Alex Smith
Featured Speakers/Guests: Tim Bennett, Sally Erikson, Jim Harding


Comments: Now running on 12 college & community stations, Radio Ecoshock covers the big picture environmental crisis - especially climate change. Interviews with authors, scientists; speeches & analysis; plus "green music". Fits into non-profit format. Our popular web site,, gets over 1,000 unique visitors per day, and at least 3 gigabytes of mp3 files downloaded daily. No commercials, nothing to sell, no line to push, just activism for the planet. Get the program podcast to you weekly from a special site for radio stations:
Alex Smith, host.

Type: Weekly Program

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