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GroundWire feature on corporate social responsibility

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Uploaded: 31 Mar, 2008

Recording Date: 31 Mar, 2008
Recording Location: Ottawa
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Program Title: GroundWire feature on corporate social responsibility
Description: Intro: It has been just over a year since the release of a groundbreaking report promoting corporate social responsibility for Canada’s mining, oil and gas companies in developing countries. But one year later, government has yet to respond to the recommendations, and participants are getting frustrated. Reporting from Ottawa is Kristin Schwartz:

Host(s): Kristin Schwartz
Featured Speakers/Guests: Karyn Keenan, Halifax Initiative Coalition; Pedro Landa, Civil Alliance for the Reform of the Mining Law (Honduras); Alexa McDonough, MP

Credits: written by Kristin Schwartz, interviews by Asad Ismi and Kristin Schwartz, translation by Susy Alvarez, voiceover by Asad Ismi

Comments: For April 7 edition of GroundWire

Type: Documentary

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