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Pigshit! Industrial hog farming in Quebec

Length: 0:52:08
Uploaded: 14 May, 2008

Recording Date: 14 May, 2008
Recording Location: Montreal
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Language: English
Topical for: Timeless
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Program Title: Pigshit! Industrial hog farming in Quebec
Description: Pigshit! is a 3-part documentary about the social, economic and environmental effects of the factory farming industry in Quebec, featuring environmental activists, voices from citizen's coalitions, and vintage tunes from Quebec's olden days of rural bliss.

Host(s): Charlotte Scott
Featured Speakers/Guests: Holly Dressel - author and activist, Sierra Club Denise Proulx - author of Porcheries! Benoit Girouard - spokesperson for Union Paysanne Daniel Green - science advisor for Sierra Club of Canada Tony King, Cathleen Edwards, and Patricia Woods, rural community members. Music credits: Part 1: La Tourtiere by Lionel Daunais Part 2: Le long du Saint-Laurent by Hector Pellerin Part 3: Le reveil de la Nature by Jules Jacob & le choeur de la bonne chanson


Comments: Some passages are in french with english translation.

Health > Food and Nutrition
Politics > Activism
Science and Technology > Medicine
Environment > Agriculture
Environment > Pollution
Regional > Canada > Quebec
Type: Documentary

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