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Tammy Forsythe Interview

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Program Title: Tammy Forsythe Interview
Description: Tammy Forsythe interviewed on and about her performance at Tangente on Thursday March 19, 2009 along with her recent trip to Venezuela and her upcoming "copro."

Tammy Forsythe’s work as choreographer, videographer and visual artist defines the unique landscape of TusketDance, the company she started in 1996. She creates signature solos and occasional works for ensemble, and has received commissions from the Festival internationale de nouvelle danse in Montreal (FIND) and Regina’s New Dance Horizons. Forsythe launched her choreographic career in 1990 with Doberman’s Moment and Snakes Afraid; her inspirations have ranged from US politics to music, from film noir to street culture. Recent works include the trio REDLION (2000), a meditation on mortality, her solo How to Become a Stuntswoman (2000), and choreography and performance for Leonard Cohen’s video My Secret Life and R. Murray Schafer’s opera Patria 10 in 2002. TusketDance has performed at Montréal’s Festival international de nouvelle danse, at Tangente, during Forsythe’s decade-long association with producer Dena Davida, at Halifax’s Atlantic Dance Festival, and at Regina’s New Dance Horizons. In March 2003, Forsythe performed her solo Patterns in Brightness and Softwood Lumber at New York’s Joyce/Soho Theatre.

Featured Speakers/Guests: Tammy Forsythe

Credits: Music by Grupo Barlovento, Raices de Chuspa and Soledad Bravo.


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Comments: A little bit more focused on the upcoming performance

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