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GroundWire - December 4 Edition

GroundWire, the grassroots news program brought to you by the NCRA

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Uploaded: 4 Dec, 2009

Recording Date: 4 Dec, 2009
Recording Location: Guelph (production), Edmonton, Halifax, Montreal
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Program Title: GroundWire - December 4 Edition
Description: In this edition, GroundWire covers ground from the Prairies to Afghanistan, from 1989 to today.

In the ongoing fight against climate change, Alberta environmental activists occupy the office of Federal Cabinet Minister Rona Ambrose, demanding action from the Harper government. [Samantha Power and Alex Caldarau - CJSR]

In the wake of controversial Afghan elections, and Canadian government speculation on extending involvement in the war in Afghanistan, former Afghan Member of Parliament Malalai Joya tours Canada. [Melissa Albiani - CKDU]

A new legal guide aims at protecting First Nations and Metis water rights. [Samantha Power – CJSR]


Feminists Remember: Mourning the victims of December 6 and resisting violence against women

On December 6th, communities across the country mourn the deaths of 14 women killed by Marc LaPin in Montreal this day in 1989, and the many women who have died victims of violence since. On the 20th anniversary of the shootings- violence against women continues, and women continue to demand justice. With original coverage of the Montreal Massacre, first aired on WINGS (BC) with reports from CINQ FM’s Laura Yaros and Beth Blackmore in Montreal.

Good Jobs, Green Jobs: Protecting environment, economy and workers rights for all

As Copenhagen Denmark prepares to welcome delegates to the 2009 United Nations Climate Change Conference environmentalists, labour and community activists from gather in Toronto to strategize about working towards a sustainable and equitable economy. Kristin Schwartz reports back from this gathering, The Good Green Jobs For All Conference.

Community Radio Report:
CKMS, more recently known as Sound FM, the radio station based at the University of Waterloo, has suffered a major setback in its attempts to re-establish itself after a student referendum. Trevor Darlington reports.

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Technical Production: Kyle Runeckles, Alberto Lugo and Carly Forbes [CFRU in Guelph] Managing Producer: Tara-Michelle Ziniuk [CFRU]
Music By: Lisa Bozikovic (Take and Take) and Weird Weather (A River Runs Through Her).

Host(s): Irene Njomo and Alex Moore
Featured Speakers/Guests: Martin Tweedale Linda Duncan Malalai Joya Peter Tabuns Nigel Bariffe Clayton Thomas-Mueller Matrix Collective

Credits: Technical Production: Alberto Lugo, Kyle Runeckles, Carly Forbes


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