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Intergenerational Lesbian Panel - Parts 1 and 2



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  » Most Recent: 19 Feb, 2010
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Recording Date: 19 Feb, 2010
Recording Location: Guelph, ON
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Program Title: Intergenerational Lesbian Panel - Parts 1 and 2
Description: The following selections are taken from a multi-part intergenerational panel discussion series recorded at CFRU 93.3FM in Guelph, ON. The discussions bring together lesbian and queer-identified women spanning from their early 20s to late 60s, to discuss their experiences and perspectives. This panel strives to be a part of creating dialogue across generations, of honoring the activism and struggle of those who came before us, and the ongoing commitment of younger generations fighting oppression.

This series originally aired on CFRU's Earful of Queer.


In this Part 1 we talk about some of our experiences of being employed, looking for work, being out and being outed.

Part 2 we discuss our work in and experiences of accessing healthcare, rights and barriers as queer-identified people.

Host(s): Tara-Michelle Ziniuk
Featured Speakers/Guests: Dot, Judith, Sel, Sarah, Tara-Michelle, Stacey, Veronica

Credits: Recording: Sarah Mangle
Production: Veronica Majewski and Carly Forbes

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Society and Culture > Women
Type: Interview

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