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Re-thinking research at McGill

CKUT asks: How involved do you want the military to be in campus research projects?

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Program Title: Re-thinking research at McGill
Description: The McGill Senate is currently considering reforms that would eliminate a clause requiring researchers to disclose whether military-funded research would have "direct harmful consequences."

Officials from the McGill administration argue that this move would bring McGill in line with other research-intensive universities in the US and Canada.

But activists from the Demilitarize McGill campaign are calling this move regressive. They say that McGill is participating in harmful research with the American and Canadian military, and are calling for stronger regulations governing military research.

To delve further into the subject, CKUT hosted a broadcast yesterday featuring a panel of guests concerned about military research at McGill.

Host(s): David Tacium
Featured Speakers/Guests: Guests included: -David Schulze, a lawyer specializing in Aboriginal law and practicing in Montreal. In 1986-87 he was the graduate student member of the McGill Board of Governors -Sarah Woolf, an undergraduate student and Arts Senator -Rebecca Dooley, the current Vice President University Affairs of the Student's Society of McGill University and a McGill Undergraduate Student Senator -Nikki Bozinoff, an organizer with Demilitarize McGill -Cleve Higgins, also an organizer with Demilitarize McGill -Professor Richard Janda, Professor of Law at McGill and President of the McGill Association of University Teachers (MAUT)

Credits: Gretchen, Bliss and the staff at the Thomson
House, Ladan and the PGSS, and volunteers from CKUT including Audrey, Marc, Erin, Alana, Caroline, David, Tariq, and AJ. Also thanks
to Nikki and Cleve for their suggestions!


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