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Our hosts take a look at cheezy songs ties into the Academy Awards..
01 Jul, 2020 | 0:29:44 |
EN | Scott Snailham | Cheeze Pleeze With Snarfdude and Daffodil

...with an award presented on our show, cheezy instrumentals from a orchestrator turned realtor and a famously hated song about a day of the week...we finally play it!
28 min feature of Provinces plus 28 min of Western Canadian indie music mix
01 Jul, 2020 | 0:56:32 |
EN | Mae Wandinger | Indie Beat

28 minute feature (includes interview and songs) of Provinces, a 5 piece band where Vancouver Island roots rock meets hip hop from Nova Scotia, plus tracks by Skye Wallace, Bad Strangers, The Small Glories, Big Little Lions, The Ruffled Feathers, Blue Moon Marquee, Wild Son and Dear Father
60s global garage rock
01 Jul, 2020 | 0:56:55 |
EN | Phil Grey | Retrospect 60s Garage Punk Show

60s garage from US, Canada, Mexico, Peru, Italy, Belgium and Sweden! Yeeeaaahhh!
The Cardinal Directions: South, part 1
01 Jul, 2020 | 1:00:00 |
EN | Ivan Emke | Routes & Branches & Beyond

Today on "Routes & Branches & Beyond" we shift our focus to music of the sweet sunny south... or, rather, music with "south" somewhere in the title (which is a whole different bucket of gumbo). I have tunes from cassettes (remember them?), Nova Scotia fingerpicking, Winnipeg neo-folk, classic Canadian folk about the heart, western celtic rock about southern hemisphere constellations,...
Canada’s top court just sided with Uber drivers. What now?
01 Jul, 2020 | 0:22:35 |
EN | The Velvet Studio | Front Burner

Canada’s Supreme Court has sided with a former Ubereats driver in his quest to pursue a class action lawsuit against Uber. At the heart of that lawsuit lies a long-standing question: Should drivers become employees or remain, as Uber maintains, independent contractors? The latest ruling opens the door for that question to be answered - and with that, the potential...
Looking inward and beyond at progressive, fusion and alternative genres, near and far...
01 Jul, 2020 | 1:59:33 |
EN | Nicholas Cooper | The Sentinel's Marvellous Kaleidoscope

Full Show Title: Motivational Selience- Album Playthrough of 'Inverted' by Animatist . Special feature in the second hour playing the entire unreleased sophomore album 'Inverted' by Toronto instrumental post-rock band Animatist on Glue Gun Records | 2-Hour music radio program | pre-recorded broadcast . Audible Observations (Playlist): nehiyawak: ‘secret’ from nipiy (2019; on Arts & Crafts) NNAMDI: ‘My Life’ -...
Music beyond boundaries for a digital world!
01 Jul, 2020 | 0:57:57 |
EN | Deep Threes | Deep Threes - Music Beyond Boundaries

The Bang on a Can All-Stars, Anat Cohen and Mychael Danna provide the soundtrack for this week's sonic journey....
Back Porch Bluegrass Show - 30 June 2020
30 Jun, 2020 | 0:58:00 |
EN | Free FM Technician | Back Porch Bluegrass Show

Back Porch Bluegrass Show - 30 June 2020 - broadcast on Free FM, Hamilton, New Zealand
50% CANCON-Underground House and Tech House.
30 Jun, 2020 | 1:56:00 |
EN | Sean Savage | AR Network

The Amplified Radio Network brings you the best in House and Tech House music from around the world. Each 58 min show (part 1 & 2) is 50% CanCon and can be played individually or together in a 2 hr block with room for PSA's. IF YOU HAVE DOWNLOAD PROBLEMS ON THIS SITE THEN PLEASE DOWNLOAD THE SHOW DIRECTLY FROM...
In Saskatchewan, a domestic violence prevention law hits roadblocks
30 Jun, 2020 | 0:24:08 |
EN | The Velvet Studio | Front Burner

Saskatchewan has just become the first Canadian province to enact Clare’s Law, which aims to help prevent domestic violence by allowing police to warn people about a partner's violent past. But it’s already hit a stumbling block: the RCMP says it won’t take part. Bonnie Allen, a CBC national reporter based in Regina, walks us through the new law and...
About the work of the Criminalization and Punishment Education Project in Ottawa.
30 Jun, 2020 | 0:28:18 |
EN | Scott Neigh | Talking Radical Radio

Souheil Benslimane describes himself as a father, a partner, and an illegalized and criminalized migrant who lives on unceded and unsurrendered Algonquin territory (also known as Ottawa). Since his release from prison in 2018, he has been involved in the Criminalization and Punishment Education Project (CPEP), an initiative started by students and professors at the universities in Ottawa to bring...
"Growing Young" | Stress and Hormones
30 Jun, 2020 | 0:50:55 |
EN | Boomer Radio | Health First

The latest health news followed by interviews with experts, authors, and practitioners in the field of natural medicine and alternative health. Interviews on topics ranging from Arthritis to Alzheimer's; Electromagnetic radiation to Nutrition. Each week is a different topic that challenges you to learn more about your body and how you can feel better.
Back Porch Bluegrass Show - 23 June 2020
29 Jun, 2020 | 0:58:00 |
EN | Free FM Technician | Back Porch Bluegrass Show

Back Porch Bluegrass Show - 23 June 2020 - broadcast on Free FM, Hamilton, New Zealand
Back Porch Bluegrass Show - 16 June 2020
29 Jun, 2020 | 0:58:00 |
EN | Free FM Technician | Back Porch Bluegrass Show

Back Porch Bluegrass Show - 16 June 2020 - broadcast on Free FM, Hamilton, New Zealand
Universal Basic Income, Green New Deal and Public Banking
29 Jun, 2020 | 0:28:58 |
EN | Stuart Richardson | Latin Waves

Ellen Brown has written what will become one of THE most important books of our time. She eloquently educates us on how the democratization of money is the very foundation of a free society in her book Web of debt, In this weeks show host Sylvia Richardson talks about the need for a UBI, Green New Deal and the role...
A lot of buzzing
29 Jun, 2020 | 1:00:58 |
EN | Adam Cantor |

buzzzz buzzzz buzzzz
Marc Lamont Hill & Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor - Dismantling the System
29 Jun, 2020 | 0:57:02 |
EN | Shawna Sprowls |

Is it starry-eyed to think system change? The calamitous fissures that the current crisis has exposed raises the question of the efficacy of reform, half-measures and tinkering around the edges. Often, even under duress, the system is agile enough to make some concessions while crucially leaving the fundamental structures of power intact. From the outside systems can look invincible and...
We explore a global cornucopia of unusual vegetables you can grow yourself.
29 Jun, 2020 | 0:30:04 |
EN | Victoria Fenner |

This episode of Harrowsmith Radio is about extraordinary vegetables, wild weather and the water it brings with it. First up, we head to the east coast, the outskirts of Halifax, Nova Scotia, to be exact. There we meet Niki Jabbour. Niki’s a bestselling gardening writer and author of Veggie Garden Remix. She's discovered hundreds of vegetables beyond the rank and...
Today's Modern Jazz Improvisors, Creators and Tastemakers.
29 Jun, 2020 | 4:37:49 |
EN | CHMR FM Music Department | Modern Jazz Today

Modern Jazz Today is a radio show that focuses on today’s jazz improvisers and creators, cutting their teeth and cutting the edge of sound. We are proud to present Modern Jazz Today as an avenue for discovering a new generation of jazz musicians, composers, improvisers and arrangers.
Episode 170: Procreation a Prerequisite for Pride?
29 Jun, 2020 | 0:58:16 |
EN | The Velvet Studio | CanQueer

This week the team tackle the Mayor of Amaranth, ON who refused to raise the pride flag because LGBT folks don't procreate. They also look at the aftermath of the Canadian Human Rights Museum's LGBT exhibit opt-out backlash, and the Hamilton Pride case against the Hamilton Police in the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal.
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