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The Stanley Cup Riot happened during our regular Accordion Noir Radio Show
07 May, 2012 | 0:09:24 |
EN | Bruce Triggs |

The Stanley Cup Hockey Riot of June 15, 2011 began as our regular Accordion Noir Radio Show was about to go on the air. Other CFRO programmers came in to tell us to let folks they probably shouldn't go downtown. So we scrapped what we had planned and broadcast an impromptu "Accordion Riot" episode, with musical selections all relating to...
Promoting a youth-oriented event in Vancouver about Indian Residential Schools.
07 May, 2012 | 0:00:58 |
EN | Bruce Triggs |

Kris Archie helped organize an event in Vancouver involving youth around the history of the Residential Schools.
Fund-raiser promo using a remarkably apt 1954 tune by the Bill Davis Trio.
30 Mar, 2012 | 0:02:11 |
EN | Bruce Triggs |

"We won't have no dough to spend 'til you bring that money in." I found this old R&B song with amazing lyrics and a great organ break. I added the basic member-drive spiel, and made it fit between the original song vocals. When I asked a programmer if it was a bit too, "greedy" sounding, they said, "I would play...
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