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12 Jan, 2008 | 0:14:38 |
EN | James Louis Terral |

End-of-year/beginning-of-year discussion includes accomplishments for this NCRA-award-winning news segment. China's new copper mine in Afghanistan. Christmas cards from Bethlehem. Military refusers demo. Emerging stories: Fair Copyright for Canada; I am not afraid of terrorism.
22 Aug, 2007 | 0:12:58 |
EN | James Louis Terral |

Export credit agencies are tax-funded government offices that are the single biggest source of debt in the developing world. They sell political risk insurance and accounts receivable insurance so companies can operate without fear of revolution or nationalization. They may also provide a way around labour and environmental regulations.
05 Aug, 2007 | 0:11:33 |
EN | James Louis Terral |

21 Jun, 2007 | 0:11:36 |
EN | James Louis Terral | World Report

Media failure is a more serious occurrence than spin, bias, or unbalanced reporting. The failure to report on the root causes of Canada's abandonnment of peacekeeping is discussed as a media failure stemming from a defective definition of news.
18 Mar, 2007 | 0:12:15 |
EN | James Louis Terral |

This weekend, the two largest Palestinian parties formed a unity government in a bid to prevent a civil war being provoked by the US. In the first of a two-part series, World Report looks at the background and the prospects for success.
13 Mar, 2007 | 0:08:53 |
EN | James Louis Terral |

Concerns over the treatment of prisoners captured by Canadian Forces and turned over to Afghan authorities have finally come to a head. But why does the Canadian establishment keep reminding us of Somalia?
05 Mar, 2007 | 0:13:11 |
EN | James Louis Terral |

Through a doctor's eyes, World Report looks at the impact of UN clashes with Haitian gangs on women
02 Mar, 2007 | 0:11:52 |
EN | James Louis Terral |

Is peacekeeping dead? or booming?
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