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A visit with Dan Needles, the creator of Walt Wingfield and the Wingfield mediaverse.
27 Jul, 2020 | 0:30:03 |
EN | Victoria Fenner | Harrowsmith Radio - Make, Grow, Sustain, Share

The "Letter from Wingfield Farm" series of stage plays have been a staple of summer repertory theatre companies for many decades. The comedies focus on the life of stockbroker-turned-farmer Walt Wingfield. The plays consist of a series of letters containing philosophical musings about the nature of life in a small rural community, theories of why animals sometimes misbehave, and puzzling...
The changing role of women in the ag business. In some ways plus ca change, in some ways, new rows h
14 Jul, 2020 | 0:30:04 |
EN | Victoria Fenner | Harrowsmith Radio - Make, Grow, Sustain, Share

In this episode we talk about the changing role of women in agriculture and the future of the largest agricultural fair in the world. Wayne MacPhail speaks with Iris Meck, the force behind the Advancing Women in Agriculture conference. Since 2014 The Advancing Women in Agriculture conference has brought together women from across Canada to share, learn and grow and...
We explore a global cornucopia of unusual vegetables you can grow yourself.
29 Jun, 2020 | 0:30:04 |
EN | Victoria Fenner |

This episode of Harrowsmith Radio is about extraordinary vegetables, wild weather and the water it brings with it. First up, we head to the east coast, the outskirts of Halifax, Nova Scotia, to be exact. There we meet Niki Jabbour. Niki’s a bestselling gardening writer and author of Veggie Garden Remix. She's discovered hundreds of vegetables beyond the rank and...
We meet a man with an audacious plan to bring truffle farming to Ontario.
17 Jun, 2020 | 0:30:00 |
EN | Victoria Fenner | Harrowsmith Radio - Make, Grow, Sustain, Share

1.) Truffle farming - Adam Koziol used to be an ad man in Toronto. Then he and a friend got a crazy idea of growing mahogany trees with superpowers roots in the Caribbean. Over the years that idea morphed into something even more fantastic, growing truffles from the roots of hazelnut and oak trees in Ontario. Working with Spanish scientists Adam...
Harrowsmith Radio Wayne MacPhail finds out how hard it is to live off grid.
01 Jun, 2020 | 0:30:04 |
EN | Victoria Fenner | Harrowsmith Radio - Make, Grow, Sustain, Share

We start this episode of Harrowsmith Radio by talking about living off the grid using solar, wind, batteries and a generator with Canada’s handyman and Harrowsmith contributor, Steve Maxwell. Then, on a lighter note, but with no less energy, Wayne speaks with Signe Langford, Harrowsmith’s food editor about alternatives to coffee on the grid, or off.
Gardens that Heal
18 May, 2020 | 0:30:04 |
EN | Victoria Fenner | Harrowsmith Radio - Make, Grow, Sustain, Share

This episode of Harrowsmith Radio is all about the gardens and their value to our minds, bodies, spirits and communities. 1.) First up, Wayne MacPhail speaks with Mitchell Hewson, a veteran horticultural therapist who use the growth, resilience and hope of renewal gardens offer as a balm on the troubled minds and bodies of those in need of rebirth. 2.)...
Clare Dam talk about how her husband's health challenges became a reason to move to the country.
05 May, 2020 | 0:30:03 |
EN | Victoria Fenner | Harrowsmith Radio - Make, Grow, Sustain, Share

1) When Ken Dam was diagnosed with a malignant melanoma he started getting really serious about the food he was putting in his body. Ken’s fine now, but his quest to eat healthy propelled he and his wife Clare into an adventure of homesteading near Copetown, Ontario. It didn’t go as planned. But, the Dams are still at it, eight...
Kim Kitchen, visual artist, talks about sound art as her way to deal with a devastating illness.
06 Apr, 2020 | 0:27:42 |
EN | Victoria Fenner |

Kim Kitchen is visual artist and now, sound artist living in North Bay. After the onset of Rheumatoid Disease arrived in March of 2015, Kim’s abilities significantly altering her ability to continue to work in the media she cultivated throughout her art career and practice in painting, sculpture, photography and mixed media. During this time, a dear artist friend who... goes to the World Forum of Free Media
09 Aug, 2016 | 0:28:55 |
EN | Victoria Fenner |

Activists from around the world are converging upon Montreal this week for the World Social Forum. The first World Social Forum was held in Brazil in 2001 to provide a way for people to connect with others who also believe a better world is possible. This year marks the first time that the Forum has been held in the Global...
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